Colors (21)
Flower Dots: Casino Dignity Gloss
Flower Dots: Dignity Gloss
Flower Dots: Flirt Casino
Flower Dots: Flirt Dignity Gloss
Flower Dots: Gloss Dignity
Diamond Argyle: Dignity Casino
Diamond Argyle: Dignity Gloss
Diamond Argyle: Dignity Storm
Diamond Argyle: Flirt Gloss
Diamond Argyle: Storm
Ikat Chevron: Dignity Casino Storm
Ikat Chevron: Flirt Dignity Gloss Casino Storm
Ikat Chevron: Gloss Storm Flirt Casino
Ikat Chevron: Storm Casino Gloss Dignity Flirt
Colorful Bursts: Casino Gloss Dignity Flirt Storm
Colorful Bursts: Dignity Gloss Casino Flirt Storm
Colorful Bursts: Dignity Storm Casino
Colorful Bursts: Flirt Gloss Dignity Casino Storm
Flower Patch: Dignity Flirt Gloss
Flower Patch: Dignity Casino
Flower Patch: Storm Flirt Gloss
Tea Towels, Set of 2 Tea Towel in Colorful Bursts
Tea Towels, Set of 2

Colorful Bursts

Color: Dignity Gloss Casino Flirt Storm

By Elm And Gray
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Cotton Sateen
100% Cotton, 9 oz per square yard
Belgian Linen™/Cotton
55% Linen/45% Cotton, 7.7 oz per square yard
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Our designer tea towels will have you drying in style. Tea towels feature a double hem and square corners and have a printed front with white on the back. Sold in sets of 2.
W 15" H 24"
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Horizontal: 13"   Vertical: 13"
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