Colors (55)
Worth: Anchor Peak
Worth: Knoll Reverse
Worth: Knoll Anchor
Worth: Bridle Reverse
Worth: Bridle Anchor
Worth: Boots Reverse
Worth: Anchor Reverse
Worth: Anchor
Carlin: Knoll Reverse
Carlin: Peak Reverse
Carlin: Anchor Reverse
Carlin: Boots Reverse
Carlin: Bridle Reverse
Phipps: Peak Reverse
Phipps: Peak Boots
Phipps: Knoll Anchor
Phipps: Bridle Reverse
Phipps: Bridle Peak
Phipps: Boots Reverse
Phipps: Anchor
Phipps: Anchor Reverse
Lantana: Anchor Reverse
Lantana: Bridle Reverse
Lantana: Knoll Reverse
Lantana: Boots Reverse
Lantana: Peak Reverse
Lantana: Anchor Bridle
Lantana: Boots Peak
Lantana: Knoll Anchor
Lantana: Peak Anchor
Hastings: Boots Reverse
Hastings: Anchor Reverse
Hastings: Anchor Peak
Hastings: Bridle Reverse
Hastings: Knoll Reverse
Hastings: Peak Reverse
Hastings: Peak Boots
Hastings: Bridle Anchor
Hastings: Knoll Peak
Breakers: Knoll Reverse
Breakers: Bridle Reverse
Breakers: Boots
Breakers: Anchor Reverse
Breakers: Peak Anchor
Breakers: Anchor Boots
Breakers: Bridle Anchor
Breakers: Knoll Anchor
Morrison: Anchor Reverse
Morrison: Boots Reverse
Morrison: Bridle Reverse
Morrison: Peak
Morrison: Peak Anchor
Morrison: Knoll Anchor
Morrison: Bridle Anchor
Morrison: Anchor Boots
Wrapping Paper Sheets, Pack of 5 Wrapping Paper in Worth
20x29 Sheet
Wrapped Gift
Wrapping Paper Sheets, Pack of 5


Color: Anchor

By Carolina George
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70# Opaque Wrapping Paper
Premium wrapping paper, 70 pound weight, white, opaque
1  (pack of 5)
2  (packs of 5)
3  (packs of 5)
4  (packs of 5)
5  (packs of 5)
6  (packs of 5)
7  (packs of 5)
8  (packs of 5)
9  (packs of 5)
10  (packs of 5)
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Whether it's for a gift or simply decorating, our high-quality gift wrapping sheets will make it extra-special. Gift wrap have a printed front with white on the back. Sold in packs of 5 sheets and are rolled for easy storing and shipping. Printed on FSC certified, acid free, 70# opaque paper.
W 20" H 29"
Premium wrapping paper, 70 pound weight, white, opaque
Repeat Size:
Horizontal: 23.64"   Vertical: 16.38"
Processing Time:
Ships within 7 days.