"We were immediately drawn to AphroChic's striking figurative "Silhouette" design from the launch party. A markedly bold pattern, which is quite the opposite of what we are doing work wise at the moment. Given that design as a starting point, we then kept the storyline abstract, tonal with a sense of movement." - Ishka Designs

Patterns by: AphroChic, Bonnie Dain and Stacey Day
Slight Silhouette, Black
Spotted, Hearth Reverse
Plume, Ashwood
Feathers, Ashwood
Wool Twill, Charcoal
Grand Chenille, Berry Crush
Royal Comfort, Twig
Royal Chenille, Dove
Grand Chenille, Berry Crush
Square Throw Pillow
Grand Chenille, Berry Crush
Lumbar Throw Pillow