This collection evokes thoughts of summer - flowerbeds, home-made juice, and splashing around in water. The bouquet of colors would work well in a casual family room or a pool house against light-colored tiles. We added pastel cottons and linens to carry out the summery vision.
Belvedere Brisk
Houndstooth Watercolor, Cranberry
Houndstooth Watercolor, Peapod
Houndstooth Watercolor, Lavender
Lattice, French Blue
Lattice, Peapod
Lattice, Cranberry
Hour Glass, Peapod
Hour Glass, Lavender
Diamonds, Cranberry
Diamonds, Lavender
Linen Canvas, Lacquer Red
Linen Canvas, Violet Sky
Serene Linen, Cobalt
Serene Linen, Linen
Open Prairie, Iris
Open Prairie, Blush
Open Prairie, Parrot
Cotton Twill, Garden
Basic Scene, Chambray
Diamonds, Lavender
Square Throw Pillow
Diamonds, Lavender
Lumbar Throw Pillow
Diamonds, Lavender
Diamonds, Lavender
Dickens Ottoman
Diamonds, Lavender
Tolstoy Ottoman
Diamonds, Lavender
Rod Pocket Drapery Panel
Diamonds, Lavender
Diamonds, Lavender
Cut Corner Headboard