"White and blue are totally classic and have such wide appeal, we love using them together in almost every project. Starting with a large scale floral is a great way to add drama, then layer smaller-scale abstract prints and geometrics with it. Adding red feels very snappy, I can see this being a chic den or a living room." - Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design

Patterns by: Stacey Day, Rose Valley Textiles and Richard Noldin
Haines, Almond Polo Blue
Blooms, Mysterious Buttercup Calming
Organic Mesh, Kisses
Spotted, Spice Organic
Royal Comfort, Parrot
Wool Twill, Fireside
Wool Suit, Camel
Exquisite, Riviera
Royal Comfort, Parrot
Square Throw Pillow
Royal Comfort, Parrot
Lumbar Throw Pillow