Happy Day

This collection brings a cool freshness to a room. The flowers and geometric shapes mix easily for an eclectic look in a coordinated color palette (an old designer trick). Pale teal and celadon go especially well with gray, white, but also can work with navy or dark brown upholstery. We selected wools and cottons in coordinating colors.
Los Gatos Air
Flower Toss, Cool
Flower Toss, Teal
Basketweave, Cool
Basketweave, Tear
Lilypad, Cool
Lilypad, North
Lilypad, Teal
Tacking, Cool
Tacking, North
Tacking, Teal
Flowerbox, Cool
Flowerbox, Teal
Stony Path, Dew
Stony Path, Teal
Open Prairie, Mint
Wool Suit, Toast
Wool Suit, Periwinkle
Open Prairie, Toast
Open Prairie, Viridian
Wool Flannel, Celadon
Wool Suit, Turquoise
Open Prairie, Chambray
Wool Chevron, Turquoise
Tacking, North
Square Throw Pillow
Tacking, North
Lumbar Throw Pillow
Tacking, North
Tacking, North
Dickens Ottoman
Tacking, North
Tolstoy Ottoman
Tacking, North
Table Runner
Tacking, North
Cloth Napkins, Set of 6
Tacking, North
Poston Dark Mushroom Table Lamp
Tacking, North
Cut Corner Headboard