A simple take on flowers paired with soothing, muted hues of purples and pinks creates a refreshingly sophisticated collection that can help make a room more inviting and cozy.
Parlor Blossoms, Brule Parfait
Parlor Blossoms, Gleam Sweet
Parlor Blossoms, Myth Brule
Parlor Blossoms, Parfait Gleam
Parlor Blossoms, Sweet Myth
Floral Frenzy, Brule Reverse Myth Sweet Gleam
Floral Frenzy, Brule Reverse Sweet Gleam Parfait
Floral Frenzy, Parfait Reverse Brule Sweet Myth
Floral Frenzy, Sweet Reverse Parfait Gleam Myth
Petal Tops, Brule Parfait Gleam
Petal Tops, Gleam Brule Parfait
Petal Tops, Parfait Sweet Myth
Petal Tops, Sweet Gleam Myth
Big Blossoms, Gleam Parfait
Big Blossoms, Myth Sweet
Big Blossoms, Parfait Gleam
Big Blossoms, Sweet Brule
Cotton Twill, Twine
Open Prairie, Iris
Royal Comfort, Violet Sky
Open Prairie, Orchid
Basic Scene, Cobalt
Floral Frenzy, Sweet Reverse Parfait Gleam Myth
Rod Pocket Drapery Panel