Artist Tools

Designed with the artist in mind, our artist tools are essential in the creative process for selecting the right fabrics and colors for upcoming projects. With our color tools, artists can achieve desired printed results by assigning the correct HEX values to the artwork. Learn more about our fabrics.

Guildery Color System

We understand that color accuracy is critical in the creative process. We actively manage our proprietary color standards with our printers and provide up-to-date artist tools to ensure color quality. On every library and swatch, there is a number identifying the color version. With version control, artists can be assured they are referencing the most up-to-date samples of our color standards for printing.

As with any digitally printed fabrics, slight, but acceptable, color variations from one run to another is expected. Color also will vary on different fabric types. We encourage printing and referencing colors on the desired final fabric(s).

Find Your HEX Value

Use this tool to map your Guildery color to a HEX value.

Guildery Name:

Hex Value:

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